'The Coming Revolution: Signs from America's Past that Signal Our Nation's Future'

Author: Dr. Richard G. Lee
Genre: History/Political Commentary
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

To be honest, when I agreed to review this book, I was expecting just another political commentary bewailing the sad state of our nation and calling (rather vaguely and inconstructively) for a spiritual awakening and revolution.
What I found instead was a remarkably inspiring account of the history of our nation's founding and the scope of what led the founders to do what they did - a much wider scope than we tend to take into consideration.
This book made a very slow read and occasionally got tedious, mostly because there was simply so much information. It took time and a huge amount of focus and attention to get through the book with any amount of retention.
The only other problem with the book is that some parts of it will become obsolete in a few years or months as the political landscape changes.
However, this is still an excellent resource if you're interested in learning about the events, attitudes, and cultural trends that united the people of the American colonies and made them into the American people rather than simply 'colonists'. It offers intriguing insights into trends and events, puzzle pieces that could well be falling into place again to spark a peaceful revolution taking our nation back to its roots of Christian faith. Again, while a bit slow, it was worth the read if you're willing to take the time necessary to digest it.
I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for my review.

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