The Librarian

Also known as 'Miss Mary the violin teacher', and 'Mary Ruth Pursselley, Christian writer of speculative fiction', The Flying Librarian welcomes you to her own private library and secluded corner of the literary world.
Why the name? It's simple, really. A friend of mine once wrote me into her NaNoWriMo novel, cast as a flying librarian. An unusual role, but not without its eccentric appeal. So when things at my writing blog started getting over crowded and the need for a separate blog dedicated solely to book reviews and discussions arose, 'The Flying Librarian' seemed a natural title choice - a little eccentric, a little mysterious, a little quirky, and fun.
So I'm very delighted and honored to welcome you into the mysterious little world of the flying librarian's hideout.

Here is where the noise and busyness can be shut out and one can settle into a comfortable chair for a good read, or search the shelves for a new and exciting adventure, or browse the corners and crannies for peculiar and intriguing finds.
Here is where thinkers, word lovers, and bibliophiles are encouraged and nurtured.
Here is where a story is judged on its own merits, be it a hot new release or a hundred-year-old thrift store find.
Here is where every book, story, poem, and essay is viewed and discussed from a Christian worldview and weighed on a biblical scale.
Feel free to come in and stay a while.