'Dragons: Legend and Lore of Dinosaurs'

Author(s): Bodie Hodge, Laura Welch
Genre: Non-fiction, Historical
Publisher: Master Books

This book is a relatively new release from Answers in Genesis, and I have a piece of advice for all of you: buy it! Besides being a great resource for Creationist Christians, Dragons is a fabulous book for fantasy writers. What could be a better addition to a fantasy writer's library than a book of real-life facts about real-life dragons?
Have you ever noticed that dragon lore in ancient cultures is a world-wide phenomenon? How about the fact that certain creatures described in the Bible and even depicted in cave drawings bear striking resemblance to our vision of dragons? This book will take you on a thrilling journey through those ancient legends and stories. It includes translations of ancient writings from all over the world, Biblical descriptions of dragons and dinosaurs, legends of dragons that have been passed down for centuries, and even some surprisingly modern eyewitness accounts of dragon encounters.
Besides the store of exciting information it contains, just reading the book is an adventure in and of itself. Every page boasts gorgeous artwork as well as fold-out panels, hidden doors within the pages themselves, and pockets with stories and pictures tucked inside. The book demands a re-read - you may not catch everything the first time through!

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  1. I would LOVE to see this book!
    This is going on my to-read-list.


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