Rules of Engagement: Preparing for Your Role in the Spiritual Battle

Author: Derek Prince
Genre: Theology, Christian Life and Thought
Publisher: Chosen - a division of Baker Publishing Group
Pages: 266

While I have to say I absolutely love the amazing cover art of this book, I have rather mixed feelings on the book itself. A lot of it was great, very thought-provoking, convicting, encouraging, and inspiring. It made me think about several parts of God's Word in ways I hadn't considered before, and brought issues and struggles in my own life that I hadn't noticed or paid much attention to, to the forefront of my mind. That's always a good thing.
However, there were several instances throughout the book when I thought the author might be reading a little too much into a particular passage of the Bible, basing a little too much on speculation. None of the thoughts he put forth in those instances seemed wildly off the reservation or anything, but there were multiple instances in which I would have like a lot more scripture to back things up. Things like that make me very nervous. I'm not opposed to ideas and imaginative thought, I just like it to have a solid, irrefutable base in Scripture.
There were a few instances where the book seemed a little touchy-feely - a suggested 'Faith Response' with a model prayer placed at the end of each chapter, for example. It wasn't just thick with it, but touchy-feely-ness in any amount turns me off very quickly.
So on the whole: not all bad, but not all great, either. Read it, but do so with a grain of salt.

I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for my review.

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