Two Ends of a Rope

Author: David Kyles
Genre: History/Biography
Publisher: Lamplighter Publishing
Pages: 121

Two Ends of a Rope is a self-proclaimed biography of William Carey, the pioneer missionary to India. And while it does focus largely on him, personally I think it would be more accurately categorized as a light history of the beginnings of the Baptist missionary movement in India. It delved into the lives of many different people involved with the beginnings of that work, not just the life of William Carey. That's not a bad thing at all. I quite enjoyed it, actually.
As I said, it is a light history - at 121 pages, it couldn't really afford to go into any kind of deep detail. But the information delivered was straightforward and helpful. This book would make a wonderful introductory read for anyone wanting to learn about the events and people involved in the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society and the beginnings of the efforts to evangelize India. It's definitely helped me figure out how and where to channel my continued research.
The only thing I can say that approaches a complaint is that the author's writing style got rather annoying from time to time. It wasn't a serious or constant thing, but every so often the wording gave off the impression that it was written by a great and wise sage addressing an audience of small and saintly but none-too-bright children. I'm sure it wasn't intentional on the author's part, and it certainly didn't hinder my enjoyment of the book, but it did just strike me every now and then as a little odd.
Regardless, this was a great read that I plan on adding to my personal library at the earliest opportunity.

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