'Liberation: Teens in the Concentration Camps, and the Teen Soldiers Who Liberated Them

Author: E. Tina Tito
Genre: Non-Fiction/History
Publisher: Rosen Publishing Group

Most people don't often stop to think about or focus on the teenagers involved in WWII. I know I didn't, which was probably why this book caught my eye at the local library sale.
Both of the author's parents were teenagers during the Holocaust, and both suffered as a result. Drawing on that connection, the author has created a series of horrifying and heart-wrenching first-person accounts of the teens whose lives were touched by the horrors of concentration camps.
The book contains accounts of teens exiled to the infamous Jewish ghettos, teens imprisoned in labor camps, and the teen soldiers who came face to face with living nightmares they wouldn't have thought possible.

While no book like this can really be 'enjoyed' in any normal sense of the word, I have found it nevertheless to be a valuable and eye-opening source of information in my studies of WWII. It provides a glimpse at yet another layer of an incredibly vast subject - a glimpse that is all too necessary for those of us who want to ensure that such a thing is never allowed to happen again.

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