Author: Bryan Davis
Series: Dragons of Starlight
Publisher: Zondervan

I just read the last third of this book today, in between helping out with cooking and dishes and trying to stay caught up on my NaNo novel. I have to say I loved it!
Starlighter is the story of two worlds: one, a world where legends of dragons kidnapping humans as slaves and taking them to another planet abound. The other, a world where humans live in slavery to dragons, clinging to hope by retelling stories of a planet where there were no dragons, where humans lived in freedom.
A teenage girl enslaved to dragons discovers she has an incredible and unusual gift, one that could either get her promoted into a life of ease... or get her killed.
On another planet, a teenage boy dreams of finding the portal to the dragon planet and rescuing the humans the dragons took as slaves so long ago.
A couple parts of it were slightly confusing - for instance, I didn't understand exactly why Diviners were so feared on the human world... but then, I was reading so fast that I might have just missed it.
One of the most unique features of this book, and one that I really enjoyed, was the distinct blend of both fantasy and science fiction flavors. The dragons, swords, and castles all stand in staunch support of a fantasy element, while the photo guns, planetariums, inter-planetary portals, and genetic identification devices all lend their support to the science fiction element.
I thought at first that the mix might be difficult to pull off successfully, but it worked amazingly well and made for a very fun read.
I definitely recommend adding this one to your library if you haven't already. The copy I read was a loaner from a friend, so this book is definitely on my 'add-to-my-library' wish list!

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  1. I loved this book! I really like the author Bryan Davis.


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